Logyq is a blockchain tracking protocol native on the Cardano blockchain. The main goal of Logyq Protocol is to foster trust in e-commerce in emerging countries all over the world; we want to enable companies of all sizes and from every continent to use our tracking system so that they can improve their operations and revenues.

Cardano is our blockchain of choice because of both its efficiency and low transaction costs, and the whole ecosystem's commitment to emerging countries.

The first step in building our ecosystem is to develop a protocol, accessible from mobile or desktop, that allows anyone to create a history of data about an individual product, secured through the use of blockchain technology. The same protocol will allow certified reviews to be permanently notarized on the blockchain; furthermore, to post a review it will be necessary to link it to a specific item tracked through Logyq, in order to deter review fraud.

Logyq will provide API access for these tracking and feedback services to be integrated on any e-commerce website. In addition, if customers want to integrate our tracking protocol but do not wish to connect it to the Logyq ecosystem, we provide a whitelabel solution: our engineers set up the tracking system and interface and provide custom services such as IoT (Internet of Things) device integration and personalized graphics.

In the second phase of our business model, an e-commerce platform will be developed to enable the creation of integrated online shops that leverage the tracking and review protocol on Cardano blockchain, with an ease of setup comparable to that of Shopify.

Finally, different IoT sensor providers will be integrated within the protocol so as to improve the efficiency and security of tracking.

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