Logyq Protocol is a tracking protocol focused on bringing trust to e-commerce transactions in emerging markets, using the Cardano blockchain

We’ll create and continually improve a blockchain tracking protocol that is accessible to anyone, from anywhere in the world.

This means a system in which tracking each product has such a low cost that it can be addressed even in markets with the lowest per capita incomes. The simple interface and user experience will enable customers to correctly gauge the reliability of vendors and the quality of the products they sell, fostering trust in e-commerce across emerging markets.

We think that providing blockchain-guaranteed, direct market access to small communities and small businesses can really make a difference in increasing people’s financial and technological empowerment, especially in developing countries. All this will be possible especially thanks to the Cardano blockchain, which guarantees efficiency and security alongside low transaction fees; its Decentralized Identity solution, Atala PRISM, will enable users to log in using their cryptographically stored credentials without giving away their personal information to third parties.

Our mobile and website app will enable vendors to start tracking their products within minutes, offering a simple interface on which to select the information they want to record on the blockchain. Their customers will be able to access the product’s registered information through our app, and consult the vendor’s dependability record through a review system guaranteed by blockchain transactions.

Vendors will also have the possibility to integrate their IoT systems into Logyq, providing more accurate information on specific issues, such as shipping information or temperature levels for cold chain tracking.

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