API access and whitelabel solution

In the process of building our app we have written all the code needed to parse data in JSON, send it to a Cardano node, and include it in a transaction. We will make this code accessible through an API in order to provide blockchain integration for those who already have a centralized tracking system. The API will accept any JSON file that respects the constraints given by Cardano and will include functions to parse data to be written in a valid transaction. This way, any platform will be able to integrate Logyq‘s tracking into their own interface and become a valuable part of the Logyq ecosystem.

For clients that need a blockchain tracking protocol tailored to their needs, such as pharmaceutical companies that might not wish to be on the Logyq ecosystem, we will provide our whitelabel service. Our engineers and developers will work with the client’s team to design and implement a customized blockchain tracking protocol that will respond to the client’s specific requirements.

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