Ettore Pittui: Co-founder & CEO

Luca Pedranzini: Co-founder & CTO

Alessio Pezzin: financial and tokenomics advisor

Johannes Maarten Van Sluys: marketing and community manager

We are two university students (Ettore is in Law School and Luca is in Automation Engineering) based in Milan, with a profound passion for the new horizon of possibilities that blockchain enables. Luca has 2 years experience with blockchain engineering and smart-contract programming, having worked in a DeFi startup for the past year. Ettore has been studying the various applications and perspectives of blockchain technology for 2 years while in Università di Milano, and since he has come in contact with Cardano’s vision he has worked hard to find a way to employ his capabilities to contribute to the ecosystem, finally landing on this project.

Shortly after the founding of Logyq, we came in contact with Alessio: he is an Economics and Sustainable Business major who founded his first startup while still in university; in 2016 he started working as a freelance business modeling and digital strategy consultant, and in 2017 he came across blockchain technology and tokenomics modeling. In 2018 he founded Criptolab, a coworking space and association based in Rome that hosts blockchain and crypto-themed meetups. Since 2019 he has been working in the crypto space as co-organizer and teacher of Blockchain Month and as a specialized consultant in designing tokenomics’ models.

Johannes is the latest addition to our team: he brings to the table his expertise in marketing and managing crypto communities for various on-chain projects. Raised in hotels, aviation and tourism enthusiast, he is passionate about communication and a crypto revolutionary. He has two years of experience on chain as Community Manager and Marketeer. He started his journey with TreeDefi, a promising project from BSC that achieved more than 50 million market cap in less than 6 months, with more than 35k active users.

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