Our protocol will enable any vendor from Africa, Asia or Latin America to track their products with ease from their store to the customer, granting them access to financing and creating a clean record of their dependability. We will minimize the difficulty of entry into the protocol, with a simple web and mobile interface that will allow anyone to register their product within minutes.

Offering a secure way to prove reliability can better the odds of a business to obtain funding. Being Cardano-native will enable our network of suppliers to apply for supply chain finance on defi applications. For example, a supplier could tokenize a purchase order and use the digital token as security to obtain working capital.

Logyq will also enable any consumer to consult a trustworthy record of the elements and ingredients that went into the final product, and the processes it went through.

Customers will be able to post reviews on the platform, which will be notarized on the Cardano blockchain by our certified reviews system, which will ensure that only real customers will be able to give feedback on products.

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